Terms of Use

Dear All Users,

The images we update on our website are from the respective owners and we do not claim any rights on them. Please use these images for educational and personal purposes Only, not for any commercial use. Any such act is violated.

We reserves the right to delete or disable any file that compromises with the security of our servers, uses excessive bandwidth, violates this terms of service or considered undesirable due to some other reasons.

The services provided by us do not come along with guarantee of any kind. Thus we can not be held responsible for any damages or loss of data which may arises from our actions. FotoImg allows free sharing online images, upload and post on the social walls. We do not allow the following types of files to be uploaded:

  • Images which violate the copyrights or patents are not allowed.
  • Images containing adult content such as pornography or excessive nudity.
  • Images violating the privacy of the individuals depicted are not allowed.
  • Images that are considered are illegal in our country.

We ensure that files will not be deleted unless they are violating our terms of use or else they haven’t been accessed for some time.

We also reserves the right to modify these terms of services at any time without any prior notification.

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